About Me

A social and citizen media buff, Aparna Ray is a bridge-blogger with special interest in development related arenas, especially the use of ICT for development.

Aparna is asssociated with leading International citizen media newsroom Global Voices Online and is also involved with the Technology for Transparency Network

Qualitative Research Consultant and Ethnographer by profession, Aparna holds a Master's Degree in Applied Psychology. Passionate about people and cultures, she has spent over 18years travelling extensively across the Indian sub-continent and Middle East markets, handling a wide range of research across diverse categories, demographic and psychographic groups. Her travels have taken her across urban and rural landscapes, enriching her learnings about people and communities - their way of life, challenges, hopes and dreams.

Aparna delights in writing limericks and is a contributor to OEDILF - an International project that aims to create the world's first English limericktionary. Her other interests include backpacking adventures, books, movies and a good conversation over a cup of tea.

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